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The Awesome Benefits of Hosting a Power Ranger Costume Party

Costume parties are always popular. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to throw a fun costume party for your friends. It doesn’t matter if your party is for adults, children, or both; a Power Ranger party is always a good time. If you’ve been trying to decide on a theme for your party, why not center your party on these five favorite super heroes? Here are three reasons why a Power Ranger party is a fantastic idea:

1. Age Neutral
If you’re having a party with a Power Ranger theme, you can be sure that your theme is age-appropriate, no matter who will be attending your party. Unlike some children’s themes that don’t lend themselves well to adults, a Power Ranger theme can be fun for all age groups. You can center your theme on the entire posse, or choose just one Power Ranger to concentrate on. 

For instance, if your favorite Ranger is Mystic Force, or the pink Power Ranger, you can ask all of the females that will attend your party to come dressed as the pink Ranger. Alternatively, you can ask all of the adult females to come as the pink Ranger, the men to come as the blue, and all of the children to dress as the green, yellow and red Rangers. The ideas are virtually endless with a Power Ranger party.

2. Easy Decorating
If you choose a more obscure theme for your costume party, you may find it incredibly difficult to find decorations, being forced to create most of them yourself. You can easily find Power Ranger themed decorations in your local party supply store and online. Once you get your decorations, you can concentrate on the other details: your dessert table, the activities and the food. 

Watch a few Power Ranger episodes in order to come up with great decorating ideas. You may want to create a dark forest in your garage or basement, paint gold Manzanita trees on your walls and hang crystals from the ceiling. Additionally, you can hang butterflies, rent a photo booth and create cool favors for all of your guests. With the number of colors in the Power Ranger’s costumes, decorating for your theme will be a breeze.

3. Activities and Entertainment
No party is complete without activities to keep everyone entertained, and no theme lends itself to more activities than a Power Ranger theme. From art projects to treasure hunts, you can make sure that your guests, both young and old, have a great time at your party. 

One of the most fun activities is the mural. To make it, all you need is a large piece of butcher block paper, your guests and some markers. Create a mural station, lay out your paper on the floor, and ask guests to lie on the paper, posing as their favorite Ranger. Have someone trace them and then let the kids at the party color the outlines. You can trace several guests on one piece of paper or give each guest their own piece. 

No matter the age of your guests, everyone will enjoy a treasure hunt. Simply paint some stones in jewel-tones and hide them around the house or in your yard. Divide your guests into teams, instructing each team to find one stone in each of the five colors. The first team to collect all five colored stones and return to the starting point wins a prize. 

If your party is going to be held inside, download several Power Ranger episodes onto your mobile device, plug the device into your television, and play the episodes that you’ve chosen on a loop. Your guests can gather around the television to watch the episodes as they wish. These are just a few examples of some of the fun activities that you can create for your guests; use your imagination to come up with more.

If you want your costume party to be a hit, you’ve got to start with a great theme. A Power Ranger theme is not only popular, but wildly easy to pull off. The success of your party is only limited by your imagination; get creative and make your Power Ranger party uniquely yours.


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